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1979 FIN – How Many Fastener Suppliers Do Appliance Makers Want?

July 08
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September 20, 1979 FIN – Here’s a quicky quiz for all you marketing types out there.

How many fasteners were used in all the dishwashers produced in the U.S. in 1978? How many fasteners are used in all the refrigerators? How about hair dryers? The answers are 451,713,600 fasteners in dishwashers; 1,556,520,000 in refrigerators; and 182,532,000 in hair dryers.
We can also give you the figures for cloths washers (383,903,200); vacuum cleaners (493,075,000); food processors (72,000,000); toasters (307,800,000) and coffee makers (399,000,000) and a lot of other appliances.

We didn’t actually count them. We’re passing along the numbers provided in a recent issue of Appliance Magazine (August 1979 pages 36-38) in an article entitled “Fastening: A survey –OEM’s Comment on Fastener Usage Within the Appliance Industry”.

The magazine surveyed 120 domestic appliance producers earlier this year to get some facts about the use of fasteners.
It also asked appliance manufacturers about the favored number of supplier sources for fasteners (46.4% preferred 2 sources and 28.4% favored three sources); how often they changed fastener sources (60% said once in a while, 28% said seldom, and 12% said regularly); and did the manufacturers notice significant trends away from mechanical fasteners and towards adhesives, welding etc. (41.8% said yes and 58.2% said no).
Looking at the projected fastener consumption in the appliance industry in 1979 the magazine comes up with these numbers: total consumer appliances. 9,157,141,800; commercial appliances, 1,377,000,000; business appliances, 2,856,000,000. The grand total is 13,390,141,800.
We’d like to pass along some more of the information contained in the article but that would hardly be fair to the magazine that did all the work gathering the statistics. If you want to obtain the issue we suggest you contact Appliance Magazine, Dana Chase Publications, Inc. York St. at Park Ave., Elmhurst, Ill. 60126.
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