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2001 – 2014 IFI’s Soaring Eagle Awards

May 07
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The Industrial Fasteners Institute initiated the Soaring Eagle Awards in 2001 to recognize “those persons who have ascended far beyond the expected in their contributions to the North American fastener industry and the many industries it serves.”

Ward Leadership Award

“The William E. Ward Leadership Award honors outstanding contributions by an individual who has provided direction, vision and focus toward the timely resolution of strategic issues challenging the mechanical fastener industry and the many markets it serves. The award is intended to encourage others to give of their time and talents to achieve exceptional leadership.”
“Ward (1821-1900) is one of the great names in the early history of the fastener industry as both a businessman and inventor. He had a long string of inventions, most notably; the patents in 1850 and 1852 for open and closed die headers respectively. These have formed the basis for the standard production concepts of today. His ideas were especially important for their indisputable originality, both in conception and construction,, as well as the evidence they afforded of his complete mastery of mechanical principles and science.”

Robert E. Brunner,, Illinois Tool Works, 2001
For leadership excellence in marshalling fastener industry resources to focus on legislative actions, which amended the U.S. Fastener Quality Act.
George F. Wasmer, Lake Erie Screw Corp., 2002
For outstanding diplomacy and leadership excellence, which successfully fostered goodwill and created positive dialogue between fastener manufacturers and distributors. These contributions resulted in a significantly improved focus on quality assurance for mechanical fasteners.
James E. Wittersheim, Semblex Corp., 2005
For leadership as IFI chair for 1992-93 and again during 2004.
Patrick Meade, High-Shear Aerospace Fasteners, 2006
For resolution of issues facing the aerospace fastener manufacturing industry as well as unending support of the IFI’s aerospace division.
Robert H. Lench, T.W. Lench Ltd., 2007
For significant and dedicated statesmanship which has achieved a lasting bridge of goodwill and understanding between European and North American fastener manufacturers and organizations. He guided the IFI on U.S. legislation that affected European producers and was instrumental in bringing the European Distribution Federation to work with the manufacturers on both standards and legislative fronts.
Max F. Dorflinger, Nylok, 2008
For significant contributions in the development of non-metallic fastener locking technology. Dorflinger was the 1996-97 IFI chairman.
Jack Pekar, PT&G Consulting, 2010
For vision and leadership in the development of quality standards which have contributed significantly to the consistency and reliability of fastener manufacturing.”
Pekar, is the author of three text books and recipient of the Weingruber Award for service on the ASTM Committee F16 on Fasteners and other ASTM committees.
George Grabner, 2011
For his leadership as CEO of Lamson & Sessions Co. during the 1970s. He was the 1976-77 IFI chairman.
Barry MacLean, 2013
CEO of MacLean-Fogg, a global fastener enterprise with 37 facilities, including 26 in North America.

Trowbridge Technology Award

“The Roy P. Trowbridge Technology Award honors an individual who has contributed to the advancement of fastener application engineering, and has materially added to the pool of knowledge relating to the design and application of mechanical fasteners and formed parts.”
“Trowbridge served as Director Engineering Standards for General Motors Corporation. He was the first industrialist representing a major user to recognize the importance of mechanical fasteners to the assembly function. During his term as President of ANSI (American National Standards Institute), he provided leadership for a special Study Committee to Develop the Optimum Metric Fastener System which involved a total re-engineering of mechanical fastener concepts for a completely new metric system of mechanical fasteners.”

Errol M. Alexander, 2001
For advancing fastener application engineering by developing “an analytical model that predicts nut or bolt strippage or bolt fracture during tightening.”
Ray H. Carlson, Raycarl, 2002
For outstanding achievement in the development of the Raycarl heading process, which expanded manufacturing capabilities, both in size and complexity to levels that continue to benefit the cold forming industry.
John H. Bickford, 2005
For numerous outstanding contributions in the advancement of bolting technology and exceptional educational pursuits which enhanced beyond measure the understanding of the behavior of bolted joints.
Dr. Louis Raymond, 2006
For advancement of fastener application engineering and significant contributions toward the understanding of hydrogen embrittlement, through years of research into accelerated methods for measuring threshold stress and the development of the incremental step load technique as a practical means for quantifying and controlling hydrogen embrittlement in fasteners.
Harry S. Brenner, 2007
For significant technical contributions in mechanical fastener testing, mechanical and performance standards and international standardization, which have made our world a safer place through advances to fastener applications engineering. A professional engineer, he founded Almay Research & Testing Corp. in 1956, the first private laboratory in the U.S. dedicated to fastener research. He helped set nine ASTM fastener standards and was a member of the Fastener Advisory Committee for the U.S. Fastener Quality Act.
Bernie Reiland, Camcar, 2008
For significant life-long contributions to technical advancements in the fastener industry and the development of fastener drive systems that have been adopted worldwide.
Joseph J. Tomalis, 2010
For critical innovations in fastener tooling design and fastener manufacturing process and for his contributions to the development of recess headed screws.
Frank Cosenza, 2011
He designed complex fastening systems to solve aerospace fastener design issues.
Bengt Blendulf, 2013
Educated in Sweden as a mechanical engineer, he is the author of over 100 technical papers in addition to articles related to fasteners an international standardization. He is a founder of the Bolting Technology Council.
Ralph Shoberg, 2014
A pioneer in the development and use of electronics in the testing, measurement and control of the threaded fastener tightening process.

Case Meritorious Service Award

“The George S. Case Sr. Meritorious Service Award is presented to an individual who has a record of significant and lasting contribution to the mechanical fastener industry and has demonstrated outstanding service to the IFI in its pursuit of the objectives for which it was founded.”
“George S. Case Sr. (1882-1950) joined the Lamson & Sessions Co. as a graduate mechanical engineer in 1904 and subsequently became its President and Board Chairman. In 1931 he was instrumental in the formation of the American Institute of Bolt, Nut & Rivet Manufacturers, which became the IFI in 1949. He served as the first elected officer of the newly formed industry association from 1931 to 1933. He also served as Vice President of ANSI (American National Standards Institute) and was a consultant for the World War II Production Board.”
Harry J. Wilkinson, SPS Technologies, 2001
For unifying the aerospace fastener industry under the IFI umbrella and spearheading the formation of the aerospace division.
Charles R. O’Brien, 2002
For outstanding leadership in unifying the automotive fastener industry under the IFI umbrella by spearheading the formation of Division III – The Automotive Industry Fastener Group.
Charles J. Wilson, Industrial Fasteners Institute, 2005
For outstanding service in achieving higher levels of mechanical fastener standardization and enhanced technical practices facilitating improved application and use in all sectors of the economy on both domestic and international levels.
William E. Tudor, General Motors, 2006
For lasting support related to the importance of automotive fastener application engineering as well as technical leadership” as a member of the Fastener Advisory Committee for the U.S. Fastener Quality Act.
Steven W. Vass, Lake Erie Screw Corp., 2007
For extraordinary service as chairman of the IFI Standards & Technical Practices Committee and for his leadership in the development of IFI standards and leadership on ASME, ASTM and SAE fastener standard activities.
Joseph Bahadrian, Ifastgroupe, 2008
For development and maintenance of national, international and IFI fastener standards.
Donald E. Surber, ATF Inc., 2010
For outstanding leadership, twice having served as chairman of the IFI, and the always wise and thoughtful counsel provided to both the IFI and the industry.” He was chairman for 1984-85 and 1997-98.
Dan Haerther, 2011
He encouraged Semblex Corporation leadership in IFI programs, including the development of the fastener standards books.
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