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EFDA Explains Modern Fastener Distribution

EFDA Explains Modern Fastener Distribution
July 19
15:06 2017

The European Fastener Distributor Association (EFDA) published “Securing the Future,” a sixteen-page insight into European fastener distribution in the 21st century, Fastener + Fixing Magazine reports. The document aims to provide a deeper understanding of the complexities of today’s fastener supply chain particularly to European politicians, civil servants and regulators.

“EFDA regularly connects with members of the European Commission at many levels, as well as with European Parliamentarians,” explained EFDA president Volker Lederer. “During these discussions it is clear there is a limited, and in may ways out-dated, understanding of the role that today’s fastener importers and distributors play in supporting a very wide spectrum of European industry, as well as in providing employment, and contributing generally to the European economy.”

“Securing the Future provides a concise but comprehensive insight into a sector comprising more than 2500 major distribution companies across Europe, employing more than 44,000 skilled personnel and holding more than 2,000 million euros of inventory, in order to supply more than 130,000 different components, worth more than 10,000 million euros annually,” according to Fastener + Fixing.

“As we say in the brochure, ‘Try finding an industry sector where fastener are not needed’ or where fastener distribution specialists are not active and professional partners to that industry, ensuring that the right fastener, is in the right place, at the right time.”

“Securing the Future’s message is that our sector is no longer a simple ‘box-shifter’ that can adapt overnight to changes in the regulatory environment. In the face of its customers’ increasingly complex demands, the distribution industry has evolved radically. We are now a strategic contributor that literally holds industry together, investing in equipment, connectivity and people to effectively manage a complex global supply chain – both sourcing and supplying fasteners and parts worldwide.

“We ask for recognition of that contribution and that it should be reflected in a regulatory environment that realises European businesses today are globally inter-connected and need a fair and free trading platform that ensures a reliable, value-aware supply chain to support their futures.”

EFDA’s “Securing the Future” may be downloaded as a PDF from

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