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Friedberg: Why Leave Branding to Chance?

Friedberg: Why Leave Branding to Chance?
May 05
08:37 2018

“Even if you are silent, branding is going to happen,” Gail Friedberg told the Women in the Fastener Industry. “Why leave branding to chance? It is critical you have someone in your company doing your branding.”

Friedberg, vice president and co-owner, ZaGO Manufacturing Company, was WIFI’s speaker at Fastener Fair USA in Cleveland. She was a trademark attorney prior to co-founding ZaGO.

Branding is how your brand makes people feel, Friedberg explained.  

“A brand is something people see – a name, logo or image. Branding is what gets you there.”  

Branding includes print, social media, online, bloggers, YouTube and texting.

Branding involves more than customers, Friedberg said.  

“Stakeholders are watching you too.”

Founded in 1993, ZaGO manufactures sealing products including sealing screws, sealing nuts, switch boots and crystal switch seals. Web:

Your personal brand needs to be in alignment with company brand, she added.

“Personal branding is about who you are, what you stand for and how you make people feel.”  

You can’t avoid branding. “Silence speaks volumes,” Friedberg added.

“Don’t put online what you wouldn’t want your boss or customers to see.”

One way to brand is to “speak up at fastener meetings,” such as asking impressive questions of speakers, she suggested.

Friedberg has gone beyond the fastener industry and customers by being elected to the Fairline, NJ, city council. She has testified at the state capitol about solar panels on the ZaGO roof.

“Re-examine your purpose,” Friedberg advised. “Monitor online. Speak with shareholders. Messaging must be on-point.” Web:

Rosa Hearn, product manager for Proferred Rivets at Brighton-Best International, recalled her personal branding in the fastener industry by becoming “Rosa the Riveter.”

Hearn developed an expertise on Mexico and can talk to customers about fastener manufacturing there. That branding gives her an expertise in the fastener industry. Web:

PJ McCaughn, customer service for Innovative Components Inc. in Schaumburg, IL, offered a branding example outside of the fastener industry.  

Based in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan in a county of 6,000, McCaughn has done branding for a snowmobile club. It started with Facebook and a website and quickly drew 11,000 followers.

To expand beyond a small club, the website gives information not just on trails, but also on places to buy gas, eat and get service. This branding makes the club a “small organization with a big impact.” Web:

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