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Torque Tools = Safer Drones

Torque Tools = Safer Drones
February 24
22:21 2019

From protecting military service personnel to locating victims of natural disasters, drones make dangerous jobs safer, according to Mountz Inc.

“If drones aren’t built right, they can break, causing potentially catastrophic results. If a fastener isn’t tightened properly, it can vibrate loose, damaging parts or completely disabling a unit. If this happens while a drone is performing an important job, like monitoring a forest fire or delivering medicine, the consequences can be severe.”

Drone safety is also mandated by law.

“Manufacturers need solutions that can document each fastener a tool screws in, creating a paper trail for the FAA and military inspectors.”

To meet regulatory requirements, you need the ability to control torque. Torque tools ensure that each threaded fastener has the right amount of torque, according to Mountz. When used in conjunction with screw counters or DC control systems, they can also document the correct status of each fastener.

“Top drone manufacturers rely on torque tools to ensure their drones are functional and safe. Without them, manufacturers have no way of knowing which fasteners are exactly right.”

High-quality torque tools offer many other benefits, including:

  • Greater quality control
  • Precise levels of compliance with regulations
  • Increased productivity
  • Lower rejection rates
  • Standardization across individual units

“Torque is tricky. Too much, and a fastener can break, strip, warp, or fall out. Too little, and it can just fall out right away. Getting torque right is an exacting science, and top drone manufacturers know it’s better to prevent problems then to go back and fix them.”

The torque tool you need can vary depending on the type of fastener you’re securing. Most fasteners sized for drones can be correctly applied using electric screwdrivers. Fast and accurate, these screwdrivers hook into a screw counter or DC control system nicely. When dealing with larger bolts, it may be best to use cam-over wrenches or pulse tools, which use pressurized air to give you more power and control.

“If you don’t want your bolts falling out, make sure you’re using torque tools. They offer the most efficient way of making sure every fastener is correctly secured with the right amount of torque on every drone you produce. Loose fasteners can cause catastrophic failures that are bad for your customers and bad for your business.

“So, prevent loose fasteners before they even leave your production facility.”

Founded in 1965, San Jose, CA-based Mountz Inc. provides torque tool solutions to such industries as aerospace, automotive, electronics, energy, medical, and packaging. Web:

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