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2002 FIN – LAFA Promotes Training by Testing Members

December 29
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2002 FIN – LAFA Promotes Training by Testing Members

January 29, 2002 FIN – The Los Angeles Fastener Association put its membership to a test at its January meeting by conducting a “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” quiz on fasteners.
Steve Pettyjohn, of Exact Industries and president of LAFA, chose the following questions as the best fastener brainteasers of the night for you to test yourself:
1.   Elevator bolts are:
a.   Also known as belt bolts
b.   Are measured the top of head
c.   Have a square neck
d.   All of the above

2.   Machine screws have a minimum tensile strength of:
a.   60,000 PSI
b.   6,000 PSI
c.   600 PSI
3.   What is the thread form when calling out a 1/4-20 socket head cap?
a.   UNC-2A
b.   UNC-3A
c.   UNF-2A
d.   UNF-3A  

4.   Which of these in NOT a tensile fastener?
a.   Flat head socket cap
b.   Button head socket cap
c.   Socket head cap
d.   Socket set screw

5.   What ASTM spec is similar in strength and material requirements with SAE J429 Grade 5?
a. ASTM A354
b. ASTM A449
c. ASTM A490

6.   Grade 2 carriage bolts are required to have what headmarking?
a.   No headmark
b.   Manufacturer’s ID headmark
c.   A307 headmarking
d.   Both b & c

7.   Undersized wire is typically used to manufacture bolts that are:
a.   Roll thread
b.   Cut thread
c.   None of the above

8.   Name the correct metric term for inch grades:
a.   Property classes
b.   Grades
c.   None of the above

9.   Roll pins are also known as:
a.   Spring pins
b.   Expansion pins
c.   Tension pins
d.   All of the above

10.When tightening a bolt, ideally you are trying to reach what percentage of yield strength?
a.   100%
b.   80%
c.   50%
d.   33.5%
Answers: 1. D; 2. A; 3. B; 4. D; 5. B; 6. B; 7. A; 8. A; 9. D; 10. B
The fastener quiz show idea came from the final exam for LAFA’s Certified Fastener Specialist training program. The program was started in 1998 in part as a response to issues raised by the U.S. Fastener Quality Act.
But when LAFA program leaders sat down to pick questions, they determined the CFS questions might be too tough for the dinner audience.
So the program committee developed 50 multiple-choice questions and put teams in the spotlight.
Students take the final exam after three days of classroom training and three days of plant and laboratory tours. The 45-question final is a take home, open book exam because the certification program is geared toward teaching students where to go to find the answers rather than memorizing every fastener detail, LAFA executive director Vickie Lester explained.
Thus far 228 students have taken at least one of the six courses and 83 have graduated from the program. There are graduates from the San Francisco Bay area and Arizona. Students have come from Ontario and Puerto Rico for the quality assurance class.
Several companies have sent additional employees after the first graduated. And several employers have inquired about hiring graduates. LAFA’s Certified Fastener Specialist 2002 training schedule is: Fastener Manufacturing, April 16; Fastener Secondary Processes, May 14; Fastener Specifications & Terminology, June 11; Dimensional & Material Specifications, July 9 in Southern California and November 20 in Las Vegas; Quality Assurance, August 6; and Fastener Testing, October 1.
In addition to the CFS classes LAFA is offering basic product training in three one-day programs (Part I was earlier this month); Product Training Part 2, February 12; and Product Training Part 3, March 12. The product training courses do not have to be taken in sequence.
New programs this year are two half-day seminars on Advanced Metrics and Advanced Print Reading on October 15. .©2002/2012 Fastener Industry News
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Scroll down for more fastener educational opportunities.

More Educational Opportunities
The National Fastener Distributors Association released the first six programs of its “Train the Trainer” Technical Training Program The T3 program was introduced to members at the NFDA meeting last fall.
The initial programs are: Hex head cap screws, threaded inserts, all-metal locknuts, socket screw products, torque & tension and inorganic chromium-free coatings.
The company trainer receives a CD-ROM PowerPoint presentation with notes, video and key points to communicate to employees, as well as entrance and exit exams, glossary, student survey, trainer’s record and trainer’s notes.
NFDA executive vice president Dave Merrifield said “companies can spend thousands of dollars sending employees to individual technical training sessions that may or may not be near their company location.”
The T3 programs minimize travel and time out of the office, Merrifield emphasized. “The trainer can use the programs over and over again, and travel with them to other branch locations, as well as adapt it to their needs.” Web:
WAFD Introduces Virtual Seminar Series
The Western Association of Fastener Distributors announced a virtual seminar series with sales trainer Dave Kahle. The one-hour seminars will be held monthly.
The virtual format allows companies to save travel and related expenses.
The WAFD board also is considering a new Web-based training program and a video series by a leading industry trainer.  Web:
Editor’s Note: Listed below are previously announced fastener and fastener-related technical training programs. For updated information throughout the year login to and click on the “Education” tab.
• Application Engineering,” conducted by Jim Speck in conjunction with the 2002 National Industrial Fastener Show/East in Columbus, OH, and the trade show on Tuesday. Speck, an engineer with Johnson Gage, said the course “provides basic, practical technical skills necessary to increase your knowledge, confidence and mental approach to the fastener business.” Web:
• Fastening Technology & Bolted Joint Design seminars held in different locations throughout the year. Contact: Bengt Blendulf, Clemson University, Continuing Ed.
 • Chicago Bolt, Nut & Screw Association Education Seminar, March 14; Introduction to Fasteners Seminar, May 15-16.  Web:
• Southeastern Fastener Association annual meeting, March 14-16, Tampa, FL; Workshops on metrics, drilling products and masonry anchoring systems.  Web:
• Industrial Fasteners Institute Plastics Fastening Seminar Michigan State University, Troy, MI, April 10.  Web:
• The Fastener Engineering & Research Association has educational programs starting with Awareness Workshop – A Guide to Mechanical Fasteners in Component Manufacture, February 14, London; Smart Solutions Seminar, April 11, West Midlands, UK. Web:
• American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA) offers a variety of quality and lab training courses. Web:
• Interwire 72nd Annual Convention & Wire Expo conferences, June 8-13. Web:
• University of Industrial Distribution spring session, March 24 – 27, Birmingham, AL. Web:
Sponsoring associations include STAFDA and the NFDA.
• Fastening Products Trade Fair, St. Petersburg, Russia, May 29-June 1. Sponsors: Alsima-Expo, Russian fastening magazine ShiG and the Association of Manufacturers & Suppliers of Fastening Products. Seminars on fastener installation in various industries plus workshops for producers and consumers. Web:
• Society of Manufacturing Engineers conferences at several locations during the year. Web:
• American Electroplaters & Surface Finishers Society Technical Conference, June 24-27, Chicago. Web:

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