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Fastener Industry News has been providing the fastener industry with Lean Publishing since 1979.  Just as lean manufacturing cuts your costs, so does our concise digest of real news posted on 
Examples of FIN’s focused news coverage:
• One of the 19 companies we cover in the annual FIN Review of Fastener Stocks published an annual report totaling 44,795 words.  We dug for the fastener portion and summarized that year’s fastener business in 288 words – including acquisitions and forecasts for the coming year.
•  One company’s recent news announcement totaled 782 words.  Fastener Industry News pulled out the pertinent news, subtracted the “P.R. Fluff” and wordiness and added a few details to give you the news in just 198 words.
•  Sometimes FIN provides much more information than the press release.  One company boldly announced it was suing a competitor.  Rather than post the news release, FIN contacted the competitor and discovered it had recently won a lawsuit against the company which was now bragging about filing against the company.  No one else chased that information.
– Focused news for fastener leaders.
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