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1980 FIN – 3M Shows New Mechanical Galvanizing Process

November 18
00:00 2013

August 4, 1980 FIN –The process, designed to impart uniform coating and to eliminate many of the problems associated with the traditional hot dip process, was officially introduced at L.S. Lee & Son of Pa., Inc.

Aided by 3M Plating Systems equipment design and technical support people, L.S. Lee showed the process at work coating fasteners used in heavy-duty applications involving exposure to the atmosphere.
The Lee company is a diversified manufacturing construction company in the highway safety field which is one if the reasons for its interest in the process.
The 3M Mechanical Galvanizing process seems to have made a number of advances over hot dip galvanizing including 1) Excellent coating uniformity on all surface areas; 2) Elimination of process-induced hydrogen embrittlement; 3) Elimination of a lot of waste disposal problems; 4) No rejects or corrosion prone parts stemming from molten zinc welding parts together (stickers).
Parts to be coated in the process are tumbled in a lined barrel at room temperature with water, zinc powder, small glass beads and a special promoter chemical. The peening action of the beads, 1/4th inch in diameter and smaller, welds the zinc powder onto the parts. Plating thickness is determined by the amount of zinc powder used and the length of time the tumbling action continues. Zinc coatings of up to 3 mils can be applied to parts up to six inches long and a pound in weight at costs competitive with hot dip, according to 3M.
The process, with slight variations, can also be used for cadmium and cadmium-tin coatings.
The people at L.S. Lee told us that they plan to contract plate fasteners for others in the future. For details contact Ronnel M. Sprenkle, general manager, L.S. Lee & Son of PA., 1150 Greenwood Road, Box 1547, York, PA. 17405.
If you want more information on the Mechanical Galvanize process contact 3M, plating Systems, P.O. Box 33600, 3M Center, St. Paul, Minn. 55133. ©1980/2013 Fastener Industry News.
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