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1987 FIN – Is Someone Developing Alternative to Mechanical Fasteners?

April 07
00:00 2015

April 14, 1987 FIN – Is someone out there working on a product that could eliminate the need for mechanical fasteners in a number of applications?
No, we’re not talking about adhesives, which we assume you are already aware of.  We are referring to a new heavy duty form of Velcro, the familiar fastening device which uses nylon hooks and loops to stick things together on light contact.
This industry strength Velcro uses a pad of woven stainless steel wire hoops and loops.
The company working on the product is Foster-Miller Inc., of Waltham, Massachusetts, which has fabricated hooks in several shapes, such as ‘J’s’ and arrowheads, employing strong, heat resistant metal alloys.
The resting structure is said to have 10 times the holding power of nylon Velcro, requiring a force exceeding 100 pounds per square inch to pull the two halves apart.
The metal Velcro is said to be particularly suitable for automated assembly.
The drawback of the product is the fact that the metal loops or hooks break after a couple dozen cycles, which should restrict its use to applications where the need for assembly and disassembly is somewhat limited.
Appliances of various rots seem to suggest themselves as possibilities for the use of the product.
As FIN understands it, Foster-Miller is planning to license the manufacture of the industrial strength Velcro. The company  manufactures production machinery and mining equipment and also involved with engineering services.  ©1987/2015 Fastener Industry News.
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