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1987 FIN – Monogram Completes Expansion

July 20
00:00 2015

September 9, 1987 FIN – Monogram Aerospace Fasteners, Los Angeles, California has recently completed a major expansion.
FIN was informed by Dave Littlejohn, the company’s technical sales manager, that the expansion involved the merging of an operation and a move into a new facility.
Littlejohn tells us that about a year ago, the company acquired the Adjustable Bushing Corp.
Between the time the company was acquired and last month, Monogram has gradually phased out production at the old Adjustable Bushing facility and moved it into its own. The product lines, now manufactured at the Monogram plant, will still keep the Adjustable Bushing identity, says Littlejohn.
Adjustable Bushing aerospace fasteners are marketed under the Expando name. The Expando lines include panel fasteners, blind bolts, standard headed fasteners, and cam handle pins. The fasteners, which operate by radial expansion rather than conventional clamp-up techniques, are flight rated for permanent installation in aircraft or are removable for use in temporary applications during aircraft assembly.
Expando fasteners have become part of Monogram’s entire product line. Monogram is recognized for three types of high strength blind bolts including Visu-Lok (metallic) and Compsi-Lok (composite materials) fasteners and Wedge-Lock fasteners, which also are used for temporary alignment or fixture applications and can be removed. Monogram also designs and develops the tooling for robotic installation of its fasteners.
All Monogram products except the company’s Wedge-Lock lines are manufactured at the company’s facility at 3423 South Garfield Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90022. Tel: (213) 722-4760.
Also at that facility are the sales, marketing, and some engineering offices.
Littlejohn explained that the merger also created the need to expand into another building. Monogram has moved its corporate offices, engineering, research and development, and the manufacture of the Wedge-Lock fasteners into a facility across the street. It’s address is 3510 South Garfield Ave.
In the new location are the offices of Joseph Morrow, corporate vice president, metal forming; Patrick Meade, general manager of Monogram Aerospace Fasteners; and Ralph Sewell, sales and marketing manager,Monogram Aerospace Fasteners.

Monogram Aerospace Fasteners traces its origins back to the National Screw & Tack Co., which was founded in the late 1800’s.
In the early 1970’s, Monogram Industries acquired National Screw & Tack and established Monogram Aerospace Fasteners. Monogram Industries operated Monogram Aerospace as part of its metals products group, which also included a number of industrial fastener producers, and a French company.
In 1984 Nortek, of Providence, Rhode Island, acquired Monogram Industries and thus inherited the metals products group. Nortek operated this group under its Aerospace and Industrial Products Segment.
In January of this year, Nortek sold a large part of this segment to Elgin National Industries, Chicago, Illinois. That part included four industrial fastener producers. Not included in the sale were Monogram Aerospace Fasteners and the French company, both of which Nortek has retained and operates under its Aerospace and Industrial Segment. ©1987/2015 Fastener Industry News.
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