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1987 FIN – Plastic Fasteners: Making Major Moves on Metallics

March 20
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December 31, 1987 FIN – While FIN’s major focus is on news about what’s happening in the field of metallic fasteners, that is not to say that we’re unaware that there are a number of you involved with the production and/or marketing of plastic fasteners. And that the future will see others getting into the field.
Along this line we’d like to alert you to a recent piece in Modern Plastics titled “Injection Molded Fasteners Make Another Move on Metal Markets” which provides an update on some of the companies involved in plastic fasteners, growing application for plastic fasteners, and a run down on some materials now being used in such fasteners or likely to be used in the future.
According to the article, the plastic portion of the fastener market is now expanding at a robust 20-25% year clip, with some of that being achieved at the expense of metal fasteners in such applications as autos, aerospace, electric and electronic equipment, heat producing appliances and metal furniture.
If you believe that you are au courant raw material wise as regards plastic fasteners you could be mistaken. It’s not just PVC, polyethylene and nylon any more. Companies like Allied Signal, Amoco Chemicals, Celanese, DuPont, General Electric, ICI America and Monsanto, to mention just a few, are now offering polyetheretherkeytone, polyethersulfone, polyamide-imide, polyarylsulfone, and polyethermide, as well as modified poly phenylene oxide/nylon, nylon/acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene, and aromatic copolyester liquid crystal polymers for use in plastic fasteners.
If you’re interested in looking over the article, the address of the publication is Modern Plastics, McGraw Hill Publishing Co., 1221 Ave. of the Americas, New York, NY 10020.©1987/2015 Fastener Industry News.
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