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1996 FIN – Chicago Celebrates 50th Anniversary / 2004 FIN – CBNSA Becomes MWFA

1996 FIN – Chicago Celebrates 50th Anniversary / 2004 FIN – CBNSA Becomes MWFA
February 23
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1996 FIN – Chicago Celebrates 50th Anniversary / 2004 FIN – CBNSA Becomes MWFA

October 16, 1996 FIN – In 1946 four fastener executives, Howard Langdon, Ly Nathan, Al Granat and Manny Slutzky, talked about forming an association to buy basic supplies such as cartons. They wanted to get the best prices and exchange credit information.

The four started the Chicago Bolt, Nut & Screw Association.

Fifty years later CBNSA has grown to 263 members with an annual schedule of five general meetings, five training seminars, a golf outing, the Chicago Fastener Expo and a holiday party.

A fulltime executive director, Nancy Rich, started in 1984.

Eleven past presidents joined current leader Wally Olczak of Fabsco Corp. at the black tie dinner dance October 11 to celebrate the 50th anniversary: Arne Henricksen Sr., Norm Tash, Bob Patsky, Craig Cohn, Ralph Riley, Ron Sackheim, Ken Ozaniec, Jim Summins, Bill Lang, Alina Agresto and Howard Langdon.

In an interview with FIN, Langdon recalled the group talking about starting an association and everybody thought it was a good idea but “the industry was a colony then and nobody trusted each other. I had to put up the first check and then the others followed.”
Langdon said he was chosen as the first president because as a “jobber” he was in a neutral position.
Langdon had started Langdon Industry Supply in 1942. He became a manufacturer when he started Fastron Co. in 1960, and he remains active with Fastron.

The first CBNSA meeting was held at Armando’s Restaurant on the corner of Rush and Superior streets in downtown Chicago.

The informal early meetings revolved around discussions of issues facing their businesses and usually ended in a game of cards.
Those card games became a tradition that continued into the late 80’s.

In 1952 CBNSA held its first official golf outing at the Chevy Chase Golf Course in Wheeling, Illinois.

In 1963 a subgroup was formed for purchasing agents, and the combination of purchasers, salesmen for local fastener manufacturers and importers met until 1981.

CBNSA’s first Table Top Show started in 1981 with 50 tables, and the event has grown into the industry’s second-largest expo. The 15th annual show held this year drew 1,930 attendees and 230 exhibitors. ©1996/2010 Fastener Industry News

See below for the list of CBNSA and MWFA presidents

CBNSA / MWFA Presidents

Chicago Bolt, Nut & Screw Association

Howard Langdon, Langdon Industrial Supply
Manny Slutzky, Active Screw Company
Ly Nathan, Industrial Supply Co.
Al Granat, Active Screw Co.
Marty Binder, Abbott Screw Co.
Marshall Simon, Keen Screw Co.
Fred Aufrecht, Industrial Distributing
Arne Henriksen Sr., Anchor Bolt & Screw
Dick Binder, Abbott Screw Co.
Dave Schandling, Champion Screw Co.
Nick Couzins, Mid-Continent Screw Co.
Ed McGorry, American Cold Heading
Norman Tash, Homan Fasteners
Al Amado, Lewis Screw Co.
Bob Pataky, Komar Screw Co.
Joe Spiegel, National Threaded Fastener
Bob Obler/Mid-Continent Screw Co.
Craig Cohn, Lewis Screw Company
Ralph Rielly, Champion Screw Company
Ed Schneider, Bell Screw Company
Lee Nitschke, Champion Screw Company
Nick Weiss, Federal Screw Company
Arne Henriksen Jr., Anchor Bolt & Screw
George Durham, Jet Fastener
Bernie Gladstone, Romard Northwest
1981/1982 Ron Sackheim, XL Screw Corp.
1983/1984 Don Leese, Darling Bolt Co.
1985/1986 Ken Ozaniec, Cronin Fasteners
1987/1988 Jim Summins, XL Screw Corp.
1989 Arnie Henriksen, Engineered Components
1990/1991 Bill Lang Sr., Certified Products
1992/1993 Don Nowak, Hoyt Fastener
1994/1995 Alina Agresto, Delta Secondary
1996/1997 Wally Olczak, Fabsco Corp.
1998/1999 Mark Novak, Interplex Co.
2000 Wally Olczak, Fabsco Corp.
2001 Tom Blakley, Brighton-Best
2002 Kevin Kaihara, World Washer & Stamping
2003/2004 Henry Chernow, Mecom Industries

Mid-West Fastener Association

2004 Henry Chernow, Mecom Industries
2005 Thomas Anderson, Vertex Fasteners
2006 Henry Chernow, MultiTech
2007 Thomas Anderson, Action Threaded Products
2008 Bob O’Brien, Certified Products
2009 David Gawlik, Stelfast Inc.
2010 Rich Pease, Federal Screw Products
2011 Becky Mourouros, American Fasteners & Components
2012-13 Matt Delawder, SWD Inc.
2014-15 Rich Cavoto, Metric & Multistandard


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