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2007 FIN – ASTM Publishes Papers on Fastener Integrity

May 24
00:00 2013

July 10, 2007 FIN – ASTM International published the 150-page STP 1487, Structural Integrity of Fasteners Including the Effects of Environmental and Stress Corrosion Cracking, which contains 11 peer-reviewed papers that provide the latest information on the structural integrity of fasteners, including the effects of environmental and stress corrosion cracking.

• Four sections of the third volume of STP 1487 cover:
“Fatigue and Crack Growth Experimental Techniques.” Three papers cover the development of a fastener structural element test for certifying navy fasteners material; experimental crack growth behavior for aerospace application; and influence of cold rolling threads before and after heat treatment on the fatigue resistance of high strength coarse thread bolts for multiple preload conditions.
• “Design/Environmental Effects – Two papers examine the relationship between the tightening speed with friction and clamped-load; and the optimum thread rolling process that improves SCC resistance to improve quality of design.
• Fatigue and Crack Growth Analytical Techniques – Three papers describe current analytical techniques for fatigue and crack growth evaluations of fasteners; a numerical crack growth model using the finite element analysis generated stress field; and the resistance of high strength, fine thread bolts for multiple preload conditions.
• Design Consideration – Focuses on the comprehensive, nonlinear 3-D finite element model to simulate a displacement controlled for riveted structure; state-of-the-art fatigue crack growth analysis techniques that are used in various industries to conduct damage tolerance evaluation of structures; the material stress state within the thread of the bolt; and on each parameter affecting the structural integrity of a bolted joint.
Pir Toor, Bettis Atomic Power Laboratory, and Joseph Barron, Northrop Grumman, were STP 1487 editors.
STP 1487 is available for $66 from ASTM Customer Service. Tel: 610 832-9585 Fax 610 832-9555 E-mail: Web: ©2007©2007/2013 Fastener Industry News
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