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2008 FIN – Dalgleish: All the Ingredients at Ifastgroupe for a ‘Single Company Mindset’

October 31
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February 20, 2008 FIN – Infasco. Ingersoll Fasteners. Infasco Nut, Ifastgroupe Distribution (Distributor Sales) and Galvano. Darren Dalgleish wants you to know those are all divisions of Ifastgroupe and “today we are acting as one corporation.”

Dalgleish, named Ifastgoupe president last year, unveiled the new corporate-wide marketing with a 2,500 sq ft “Super Size” booth at the 2007 National Industrial Fastener Show/West. The “Ifastgroupe” name crowned the center, underscored by the new “Billet to Box” marketing theme. Fanning out from the center Ifastgroupe display were literature stands, workstations and a seating area to welcome show goers with tired feet.

An Ifastgroupe international sales meeting for 60 employees and manufacturer’s agents from North America preceded the show. All general managers presented their products.
“While our core products are well known, each division is adding new products, capabilities and services that need to be shared with all employees so that every customer inquiry is reviewed against the full scope of our corporate services,” Dalgleish explained.
Ifastgroupe leaders participated in round table discussion with customer service and sales staff to “hear what the VOC [voice of the customer] was saying. VOC is paramount as we must continue to model our business after the needs of our customers and the marketplace rather than by what we have typically sold or provided,” Dalgleish explained.
The trade show was “our first opportunity to work together toward our common goal,” Dalgleish told FIN.
Traditionally, Ifastgroupe divisions were “somewhat fragmented where segments didn’t know each other’ strengths. We had all the ingredients of the cake mix – the eggs, the flour. Now there is a single company mindset. There is a lot to be said for working together.”
“The sales and marketing group now has a centralized focus,” Dalgleish added. “Previously the corporation just wasn’t marketed well. Now from business cards to online advertising, the Ifastgroupe triangle will be known around the world.”
Beyond operating as one corporation, Ifastgroupe is promoting the “Billet to Box” theme to emphasize expertise in all areas of fasteners.
Dalgleish noted that Ifastgroupe could utilize its knowledge of the steel industry. The Ivaco Rolling Mills manufactures the steel and processes the wire. Ifastgroupe produces the fasteners, as well as provides heat treating, finishes, packaging and logistics.
“We can influence the chemistry of the steel instead of dealing with all the variations globally,” he told FIN.  “Ifastgroupe can turn to importing when global sourcing is more appropriate.”
Dalgleish emphasizes that “Billet-to-Box” is “more than a catch phrase. It demonstrates a philosophical approach to self sufficiency with superior product and supply services.”
That self-sufficiency includes Ifastgroupe divisions finding “trading partners” to augment what they can manufacture competitively in North America. Technical personnel from Ifastgroupe regularly visit supplier’s factories to monitor quality. Importing represents 10% of sales.
Dalgleish, a native of northern Alberta, found his first fastener job at the Camcar plant in Ontario.
Dalgleish joined Ifastgroupe in 2006 as vice president for operations and new product development. He spent most of his first year at the Ingersoll Fasteners and Infasco Nut facilities. Ifastgroupe’s head office is in French-speaking Montreal and the largest plant is in Marieville, a small town 20 miles southeast of Montreal. Dalgleish was always exposed to the French language with his mother a French Canadian, and his family in a very bilingual Canadian Armed Forces. He is now actively learning French as a third language. “It is the respectful and professional thing to do considering the heritage of our company,” Dalgleish told FIN.
In 2004, the Ivaco companies were sold to Heico Cos. LLC, a Chicago-based holding company. Ifastgroupe operations have an annual capacity of 175,000 tons.
Heico is owned by the Heisly family. It was founded and built by entrepreneur Michael Heisley, who also owns the NBA’s Memphis Grizzlies among his 40+ companies. Heisley bought the team in 2000 when it was located in Vancouver and moved it to Tennessee the next year.
Heico also owns wire manufacturers Davis Wire Corp. of Irwindale, CA, and National Standard Co. of Niles, MI, as well as ownership of telecommunications and plastics operations.
Dalgleish reports directly to Heico, as do 40 companies worldwide. Dalgleish finds even the non-fastener Heico divisions can benefit Ifastgroupe. While there may not be much in common between a fastener manufacturer and the Grizzlies basketball team, “Heico’s sibling companies offer the opportunity to ‘cross pollinate’ in the same manner pharmaceutical companies drove the trend of zero parts per million, and the perishable products industry understands ‘dead stock,'” Dalgleish explained.

What is next for Ifastgroupe? “Any good marketing plan has to be influenced by the marketplace, Dalgleish responded. Answers will come from “surveying customers, not out of the boardroom!” he added.
Whatever the divisions do, it will include the corporate triangle and “if it has that triangle, it has Ifastgroupe behind it.”
“Stay tuned,” Dalgleish referred to the future of Ifastgroupe. “We will be different each year. The biggest opportunities are the ones you haven’t thought of yet.” ©2008/2012 Fastener Industry News
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2008 FIN � Ifastgroupe Divisions
Infasco – Founded in 1958, today Infasco’s 800,000 sq ft plant in Marieville, Quebec, Canada, is one of the industry’s largest manufacturing facilities under one roof. Infasco manufactures cold forged bolt products and hot forged nuts and provides annealing, pickling and heat treating. Infasco has 530 employees, including second-generation staff members. General Manager: Patrice Gervais

Ingersoll Fasteners manufactures special bolts and parts in Ingersoll, Ontario. Founded in 1887 as Morrow Screw & Nut Co. Ltd., it was acquired by Ivaco Corporation in the late 1960s and moved to the present facility a decade later. Three expansions have brought the plant to 230,000 sq ft. with 225 employees. General Manager: Ray Murray

Infasco Nut manufactures and imports specialty semi-finished and finished nut products. Infasco’s 65,000 sq ft plant in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, produces over 1,000 tons per month of a range of internally threaded fasteners for OEM and automotive tier customers. In addition to manufacturing, Infasco Nut also imports semi-finished specialty nut products and nut blanks. General Manager: John LeGros

Ifastgroupe Distribution was originally known as Distributor Sales International. Ifastgroupe has 13 North American distribution and logistics facilities. Ifastgroupe Distribution supplies both Ifastgroupe manufactured products and fasteners imported from manufacturers visited, qualified and audited by Ifastgroupe.
General Manager: Robert Ivanier

Galvano, a plating company located in Beloeil, Quebec, plates over 100 million pounds of fasteners per year. Services include zinc electroplating, phosphating and hot dip galvanizing.
General Manager: Jean Claude Legault

Ifastgroupe is headquartered at 700 Ouellette, Marieville, Quebec J3M 1P6, Canada. Tel: 450 658-8741 Fax 450 447-0114 Web:
President: Darren Dalgleish
Marketing Communications Manager: Michael Krohn   ©2008/2012 Fastener Industry News.
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