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2009: Nylok Company History

May 29
00:00 2009

2009: Nylok Company History

The following history and company description was provided by Nylok in 2009:

Every fastening task comes with its own set of challenges – locking, sealing, high temperatures, thread contamination or any combination of these. Nylok engineers have stepped up to these challenges and answered them with a steady stream of Nylok firsts.

Since the foundation in 1942, Nylok has registered more than 150 patents, more than any other company in our field. Many of these patents came as a solution to a need one of our customers expressed to us.

Nylok is a global company with corporate headquarters, R & D, and manufacturing in Michigan. Nylok manufacturing facilities are located throughout North America to serve our clients with technical assistance and just-in-time delivery of our products. As a worldwide leader in fastener coatings, we maintain an organization of more than 20 licensees around the world. Nylok is a member of The Marmon Group / Berkshire Hathaway Company.

Nylok has a wide variety of products to offer. Mechanical locking and thread sealing products: NYLOK® BLUE® NYLON TORQ-PATCH®, NYLOK® BLUE® NYLON PELLET, NYLOK® BLUE® NYLON STRIP, NYLOK® TORQ-PATCH® LOCKNUT and NYTEMP® for high-temperatures. Chemical adhesives for thread locking and sealing: PRECOTE 30®, PRECOTE 80®, PRECOTE 85, 3M FASTENER ADHESIVE 2353 and 3M FASTENER ADHESIVE 2510. Thread protection and masking: NYCOTE® and NYCOTE® NYCREST. Assembly retention coating: NYSTAY®. Lubricant products: NYTORQ® and NYPLATE®. Under the head sealants: NYSEAL®, PRECOTE 200 and NYPLAS®. Thread Sealants: PRECOTE 5® and 3M THREAD SEALANT 4291. NYLOK POWDER COATING.
Nylok processed fasteners are found around the world – on, above and below. Our fasteners are in products from transportation, to appliances, and farm equipment to electronics. And, with a team of specialized fastener engineers who are dedicated to the commercial and military aerospace industry, we continue to develop innyvative ways to solve customer problems through improved products and assembly methods. Web: ©2009

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