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2013 FIN – Aztech ISO Energy Saving Total 8% of Payroll

January 06
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February 20, 2013 FIN – Aztech Locknut Company is probably the first fastener manufacturer to achieve ISO 50001 energy standard certification.  But it’s unlikely to be the last.
Aztech’s energy cost savings may lure other companies to start the process.
Aztech president Mark Kaindl calculates energy saving at his Aurora, IL, facility as 8% of payroll.
Overall, his energy use over recent years is down 60%.
In addition, he learned when refinancing the 60,000 sq ft building last year that energy efficiency has increased his property value.
ISO 50001 requires continuous improvement in energy efficiency, security, use and consumption.
What Aztech has done is just the beginning, as ISO 50001 is a process, Kaindl told
There is more to come, he added.  Insulating blankets for the dock doors are on order. Beyond night and weekend energy savings, by preventing cold air from seeping in, Kaindl expects the “environment will be more comfortable for employees in the area.”
ISO 50001 is different from other International Standards Organization programs, Kaindl explained.
“This is looking for money savings,” Kaindl emphasized. “The requirements or goal is to save energy and thus money.”
In contrast to energy savings, other ISO programs – such as quality standards – may improve a company’s operations and thus in the long run may save money, but savings may be difficult to calculate, he noted.
For ISO 50001 certification, “you have to show energy savings.”
And it is not just what he has saved so far.  “What is next?” he asks. “What are the steps to achieve the next energy savings?”

How It Started
The Aztech energy savings process began more than a decade ago with his dissatisfaction with the building’s HVAC system.
In 2009 he decided the HVAC system was outdated and should be replaced with something more desirable.
“I wanted our facilities to be more comfortable,” Kaindl told FIN. “Warm or cool,” he added.
The architects planning building changes for an extensive new system, which required construction such as new holes in walls, suggested Aztech go after LEED-EB Gold certification.
With just “a little more documentation” of the process, the 1996 building qualified for the environmentally responsible rating.
While he received a few tax credits for light fixtures, almost all of the energy investments justify themselves without subsidy, Kaindl added.
Then when ISO 50001 was announced, much of the work on Aztech’s building had already created the basis for the new certification.
Beyond what Aztech has already done, ISO 50001 also looks to the future – “whether it is small or big things,” Kaindl said.
Upcoming small things include switching to electric hand dryers instead of cloth or paper towels. The key is “net efficiency,” Kaindl said.
A side benefit of being environmentally friendly is “not killing a bunch of trees for paper towels.”
Bigger projects could someday include solar panels for the company roof.
“The solar panel technology has improved, just as battery technology,” Kaindl observed. He expects solar technology to “reach a point” of being financially justifiable.
More difficult to quantify are potential sales gains from customers “impressed by environmental responsibility,” Kaindl noted.
It is estimated that ISO 50001 will eventually influence up to 60% of the world’s energy use.
“Our LEED-EB Compliant facility, combined with existing certifications to AS9100C, ISO 17025 and ISO 14001, demonstrate how Aztech Locknut’s business practices and quality programs lead the way in the fastener industry,” the company stated in its ISO 50001 announcement.
Kaindl said those wanting to gain from ISO 50001 must be willing to “invest in the front end to get going.”
Founded in 1978, Aztech manufactures and supplies metal and nylon insert locknuts to distributors and is headquartered at 2675 White Oak Circle, Aurora, IL 60502. Tel: 800 321-5625 Web: ©2013/2014 Fastener Industry News
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