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Concrete Fasteners Systems Offers Simpson Wedge-All Anchors

Concrete Fasteners Systems Offers Simpson Wedge-All Anchors
April 17
21:47 2019
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The Simpson zinc plated Wedge-All® anchors are now available for the first time through Concrete Fasteners Systems, Incorporated. The addition of this line of concrete wedge anchors provides customers with the most extensive range of wedge anchor choices in the marketplace.
Simpson zinc plated Wedge-All® anchors are used only in solid concrete and are manufactured from carbon steel with zinc plating. They are available in two styles: threaded and tie-wire.
The threaded version of the zinc plated Wedge-All® wedge anchor is sold in eight diameters ranging from 1/4″ to 1-1/4″.
Each diameter is available in different lengths to accommodate various fixture thicknesses and embedment depths. The threaded version of these wedge anchors use the tightening of the nut to set the anchor and do not require the bottom of the hole for setting purposes. The threaded version comes packaged with the correct number and size of zinc plated nuts and washers
The tie-wire version of these wedge anchors are set by using a claw hammer, and are manufactured in one diameter and length. These wedge anchors are used for supporting fixtures that are attached using a wire. The end opposite the clipped end of the Wedge-all® is flattened and also has a hole for attaching a wire or jack chain. This wire or chain is used for hanging a drop ceiling or a light fixture from a concrete ceiling.
Hole & Bit Size
These wedge anchors require a hole to be drilled into the concrete the same diameter as the Wedge-All® being installed. The anchor size is the same as the hole size and the bit must be a carbide-tipped bit matched to the diameter of the anchor. The hole also needs to be drilled using a hammer drill since hole tolerance is critical for the wedge anchor to have proper holding values.
Codes & Federal Specifications for the Zinc Plated Wedge-All®
Tie-wire Wedge-All® wedge anchors are not coded listed. The threaded version of this wedge anchor meets the following specifications:
Federal Specifications A-A1923A, Type 4
City of L.S. RR24682
Factory Manual 3017082 and 3031136
Florida State 11506.8
Underwriters Laboratories File Ex3605
Concrete Fasteners, Incorporated now sells direct from the manufacturer at or at, which may save 35-70% over retail. Orders are processed and shipped on the same business day received.

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